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VR the Planet Productions, Inc. is selling new, low-cost
"Virtual Reality Viewers" that are uniquely designed,
very high-quality and mass-producible.

O Utilizing our VR Viewers as inexpensive purchases or giveaway items, your clients now can have a wholly new mobile media presence by benefiting from expanded modern marketing techniques and cross-promotional product campaigns.

O Our newly-patented VR Viewer designs are a brandable, superior alternative to Google Cardboard and are functionally more like expensive viewers, such as ‘Samsung Gear VR’, 'Google Daydream’ and the recently announced ‘Oculus GO’ VR headsets.

O We provide a readily available, low-cost VR Viewer product line with full-color, high-resolution printing featuring any clients’ logos, photographs and artwork on high-quality carton-paper and on exotic textured cardstock. Utilizing print, we empower co-branded and integrated advertising and merchandising for retail, theatrical, themed entertainment, and cross-promotional campaigns.

O For all types of marketing activities, product promotions, movies, toys and games, our unique VR Viewer designs can be packaged along with saleable items, inserted into magazines, and delivered through postal services.

O Made entirely in the USA, brands can stock the VR Viewers for distribution and sales from any location, venue, and through e-commerce websites. Within just a few short weeks from the final approval of your clients’ provided branding and artwork, our production line can be easily configured to manufacture, ship and deliver in mass-quantities anywhere in the world.

O For our VR the Planet viewers, consumers download Mobile Apps that contain immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality content to help broaden the experience of your clients’ audience through unique promotional opportunities.

O VR the Planet Productions, Inc. also creates innovative custom VR and AR content for Mobile Apps, dynamic interactive attractions and location-based venues.

For a quote, please contact: Greg Wessman | Founder and CVO | 1.949.838.5509 | GregWessman@Undisclosed.Enterprises

To download a printable version, click here: VRthePlanetViewers.pdf

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