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Thor-Man Immersives is manufacturing new, low-cost
"Virtual Reality Viewers" that are uniquely designed,
very high-quality, customizable,
and mass-producible.

Click here for the “V-Ray Vision” Sample VR Viewer Unboxing and User Instructions

O We provide a readily available, low-cost VR Viewer product line with full-color, high-resolution printing featuring any clients’ logos, photographs and artwork on high-quality carton-paper and on exotic textured cardstock.

O Utilizing print, we empower a co-branded and integrated advertising and merchandising for retail, theatrical, themed entertainment, and cross-promotional campaigns.

O Utilizing our VR Viewers as inexpensive purchases or giveaway items, your clients now can have a wholly new mobile media presence by benefiting from expanded modern marketing techniques and cross-promotional product campaigns.

O For all types of marketing activities, product promotions, movies, toys and games, our unique VR Viewer designs can be packaged along with saleable items or delivered through ecommerce and postal services.

O Made entirely in the USA, brands can stock the VR Viewers for distribution and sales from any location, venue, and through client websites.

O Within just a few short weeks from the final approval of your clients’ provided branding and artwork, our production line can be easily configured to manufacture, ship and deliver in mass-quantities anywhere in the world.

For a good look at our product, click the image above and view this stereoscopic photo in any Cardboard VR Viewer.

O Our patented VR Viewer custom designs are a brandable, superior alternative to the old-and-tired Google Cardboard VR Goggles and are functionally more like expensive viewers, such as the ‘Samsung Gear VR’, ‘Google Daydream’, and most recently the new ‘Oculus GO’ all-in-one headset.

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O For our VR Viewers, consumers download Mobile Apps that contain immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality content to help broaden the experience of your clients’ audience through unique promotional opportunities.

O Let Thor-Man Immersives also create your innovative custom VR and AR content for Mobile Apps, dynamic interactive attractions and location-based venues.

Our Unique Boxed-Set product design for a Graphic Novel
or Comic Book and “Popup” Virtual Reality Viewer

O Our brandable/customizable “boxed-set” that includes a graphic novel or comic book, plus a unique high-quality, low-cost, foldable/pop-up promotional VR Viewer.

The entire set can be considered as a limited edition or collectible. Its clamshell box enclosure literally looks, feels like and is constructed and presented as a very high quality hard-cover book that can be presented as a coffee table book or as a prominent item sitting on your office desk or shelf.

O Mobile VR apps can be experienced within the enclosed VR Viewer via any popular smartphone.

A completely new and unique medium for a completely modernized 360/VR/AR version of the “Kindle eBook”. These digital mobile apps are viewed in a 360/VR/AR/Stereoscopic presentation that can be developed as a “Virtual Novel” or “vBook”. Pages can be experienced as immersive, interactive and virtually presented to the sizes beyond a movie theater screen.

O The entire boxed-set design is visually coordinated and constructed out of high-quality commercial grade or exotic embossed paperboard.

Can be completely brandable with any client’s artwork, photos and logos in full-color, high-resolution, quality print. The patented VR Viewer is not the typical “Google Cardboard Googles” you may have tried, but functionally more like a higher-end VR Headset models such as the Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream.

O Strategically partnering with the most top-tier print and graphics companies located in Southern California and the largest packaging/container and distribution company on the U.S. West Coast.

Our production pipeline can print/die-cut/assemble, label/bag/tag, box/cartonize/palletize up to 30,000 units within a single 8-hour shift and ship anywhere within the entire world through an existing distribution channel.

Click the Image Above for a 360 Degree Walkthough Tour of Our Pressroom

To request a quote, please contact:
Greg Wessman | Co-founder | 1.949.838.5509 |

- Our Future Endevours soon to be Pursuing Creative, Development, Techincal, Strategic and Finacial Partnerships -

O Thor-Man Immersives is soon to be introducing unique "Event Driven Entertainment" with low cost immersive attractions that can be located at and created for any venue as a natural expansion of your franchise promotions through location-based Augmented Reality Technology combined with creative, highly-inovative, unsurpassed mobile driven Virtual Reality Experiences.

O VR and AR is the latest creative avenue selected to deliver motivated consumers to a rewarding media event with unique experiences that enhance any venue, store, theater, amusement or theme park.

O Customers will anticipate to physically step into and interact within a VR Experience, literally featuring anything that can be imagined by advertisement, creative media, design and production studios.

O Utilizing branding, signage, banners, displays, lighting, decor, and other unique creative promotional techniques, the venue presents a dynamically coordinated themed event. These simple, uniquely creative, and highy interactive "Walk-Thru" VR Attractions can be located anywhere, indoors and outdoors with flexible, quick, easily constructed and transportable configurations.

O Our unique VR products can be packaged along with saleable items for all types of promotional marketing campaigns. Companies can stock the VR Viewers for distribution and sales in retail stores, restaurant chains, theaters, casinos, museums, zoos, fairs, arenas, amusement and theme parks, etc., as well as distributed through ecommerce websites.

O Consumers download Custom Mobile Apps containing immersive virtual reality and augmented reality experiences through Android and IOS App Stores. These VR events are also directed at wider audiences directly promoting brands.

O When activated, these Mobile Apps are client and promoter-controlled, location-sensitive, and created for integrated exclusive ‘within-the-event-only’ viewing, ‘waiting-in-line’ sponsor-driven entertainment, and a myriad of unique ‘at-home’ VR experiences. Thor-Man Immersives will team up with Intellectual Property holders to import and create digital content into our proprietary “Mobile App Framework” and through other third party distribution channels.

O Thor-Man Immersives also produces custom creative content for these Mobile Apps that allow advertisers to manage co-branding that is typically integrated with theatrical or product promotional campaigns to fit all of your creative needs.

Thor-Man Immersives provides a new interactive direction, enriching concepts with creative marketing and branding opportunities for a prolific, long lasting impact with media, advertising and highy unique product campaigns.

For more information, please contact:
Greg Wessman | Co-founder | 1.949.838.5509 |

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